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March Was Huge, And April Is Going To Be Even Bigger

Happy Saturday morning to everyone out there. While I'm digging around for news on your Minnesota Vikings this morning, I wanted to pass along a couple of things to everyone.

First off, I'm happy to report that we pretty much crushed all of our traffic records for the site last month. I guess some of you folks out there kind of like us after all, huh? It's strange because, to be honest, the Vikings didn't do a whole lot in March other than some free agent signings that nobody in the national football media seemed to care much for.

This month, however, we're going to have a ton of stuff for everyone's reading pleasure, particularly around draft week. Not only will we have people with access to the Vikings for all three days of the 2012 NFL Draft (Ted will be able to enlighten you more on that as the date gets closer), but we're also going to have a couple of our folks talking to the man that might be the single greatest player to ever don the purple and gold.

Who's that? Well. . .if I just straight-out told everyone, that wouldn't be any fun. This way everyone can speculate on it. But, rest assured, in the words of modern-day American philosopher Ron Burgundy, he's kind of a big deal.

So, as far as the crushing of everything last month, a huge thanks to everyone that came by in order to make that possible. Things just keep trending upwards for this site, and that's due to all of you folks out there. Hopefully we'll be crushing all of our benchmarks this month as well.