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The Vikings Are On The Clock Again Tomorrow

Yes, the 2012 SB Nation Writers' Mock Draft continues on over at Mocking the Draft, and the Vikings' selection will go on the board tomorrow at about 11 AM Central time. If you'd like to see how the first round went, here's the complete listing. With the first pick of the second round, the St. Louis Rams selected Michigan State defensive tackle Jerel Worthy.

If you'll recall, a while back I asked you folks what position yours truly should target with the 35th overall selection in the 2012 Draft for the Vikings, and. . .by the narrowest of margins. . .it was decided that after taking Matt Kalil at #3, the Vikings' next pick should be dedicated to the wide receiver position. Being a man of the people as I am, I have taken the people's advice and selected a wide receiver with the pick that will go up tomorrow.

To this point in the draft, four wide receivers have gone off of the board. . .Oklahoma State's Justin Blackmon went to the Cleveland Browns at #4 overall, and then there was a lull at the position until the Chicago Bears took Notre Dame's Michael Floyd at #19. The Browns. . .surprisingly. . .went wide receiver again at #22, snagging Baylor's Kendall Wright to pair with Blackmon, and the San Francisco 49ers made me very sad by taking Georgia Tech's Stephen Hill with the 30th overall pick.

I've already submitted my selection to the folks at Mocking the Draft, so this is basically for speculation from you folks out there as to which wide receiver we'll be hearing mock Roger Goodell call at about 11 AM tomorrow in the 2012 SB Nation Writers' Mock Draft. Who would you have taken if you were in my position as all-powerful personnel guru of the (fake) Minnesota Vikings?