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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Legislature Goes Beyond Deadline, Still No Vote

With all the excitement about the 2012 NFL Draft and everything that goes with it, we need to remember that there's still a debate going on in the Minnesota legislature over the Minnesota Vikings' stadium bill. When we last left the proceedings, the bill had gone through all of the appropriate committees in both the House and the Senate, and was scheduled to be debated and voted on in front of the full gathering of each legislative body.

The legislature had set a deadline of 30 April for adjournment, but because of a couple of issues that are still lingering. . .the Vikings' stadium bill being one of them. . .they have gone past that deadline and are still continuing to debate. The word coming out of the Capitol, from everything I can discern, is that the bill has the votes to pass.

However. . .and, as we know, with this stadium situation there's always a "however". . .the bill is not yet being heard on the floor because it's being held up until agreements are reached on other bills first. Specifically, the two sides are attempting to come to terms on bills dealing with tax breaks and public works projects.

I have no idea exactly how long it's going to take for the legislature to get through their issues on the other bills, but if I'm reading correctly, the Vikings' stadium bill will probably be the last one voted on for the session. The absolute last day that the legislature can be in session, per state law, is 21 May. I hope like heck that it isn't going to take that long to get everything straightened out, but politics is a tricky business.

If anything does happen, we will effort to have it up here for you as soon as possible.