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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: At This Point, We're Just Making Things Up

I realize that the world needs politicians for. . .stuff (I guess). . .but for crying out loud, how in the heck did some of these people get elected? To borrow a line from Gorilla Monsoon, some of these people are veritable fonts of misinformation when it comes to the topic at hand.

We're well into the debate in the House, however. After this, the House will adjourn, and the Senate will take up the vote sometime tomorrow (if this passes the House, which it will by all indications). They have to wait 12 hours after the Conference Committee finished with the bill, unless I'm misinterpreting. I think that's right, anyway. . .there's something about the Senate and 12 hours involved here somewhere. At this point, everything is just kind of a blur.

To jump on an issue we had in the previous thread, if you want to disagree with folks, that's fine. . .just leave some of the more hateful terminology out of it.