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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Final Bill Passes House Of Representatives, 71-60

And we're getting closer, ladies and gentlemen!

After. . .hell, I'm not sure how much debate, but it was a lot and most of it was unfriendly. . .the Minnesota Vikings' stadium bill got through the Minnesota House of Representatives by a final vote tally of 71 "yes" votes and 60 "no" votes.

This means that the bill moves on to what will be its final. . .and probably toughest. . .test when it goes to the full Minnesota Senate. Although the Senate will be in session starting at 9 AM Central time, they can't vote on the bill until about 1 PM or so because of various rules that are in place. But, whenever that debate gets underway, we will have it here for you.

We're this close, ladies and gentlemen. . .thanks to all of you that have hung out with us during the debates to this point. If you haven't been in contact with your state Senator yet, bright and early tomorrow morning would be a fine time to do just that. Because, really, it's 3:30 AM in Minneapolis. . .go to sleep, for crying out loud.

Thanks again, everyone. . .we'll be back at it again tomorrow!