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What Is Dead Will Never Die: Minnesota Vikings Stadium Senate Debate Open Thread, Iteration The 7th

It's late in our run. Our legs are rubbery, lungs are on fire, and we're not sure if we can go another step, much less make it to the finish line. But we round the corner, and there it is, just in front of us. That beautiful piece of tape, stretched out in front of us, begging to be broken in two. All we need is

That's what we're looking at today, folks. With the Vikings bill passed in the House, all that remains is the Senate, which will vote today, and the Minneapolis City Council, which must vote on the bill within 30 days of the bill being signed by Governor Dayton.

The Senate will take the bill up for debate around noon or so, with a final vote to be taken...whenever they're good and ready, if the snail's pace of the legislature is to continue like it has. The debate will be broadcast on UpTake, which is right here:

Hopefully, it won't go into the wee hours like the House did. With any luck, by dinner time here in the Heartland, the state of Minnesota will have a new stadium for us and the Vikings to call home for the next 30 years or so.