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What Is Dead Will Never Die: Governor Dayton Signs Minnesota Vikings Stadium Bill

So let it be written, so let it be done:

It's official. Well, not quite. The Minneapolis City Council now has 30 days to vote on the stadium bill that Dayton just signed. They already gave their support earlier in the process, so this should be nothing more than a formality, but I'm not going to be 100% relieved until that vote is taken.

But I AM going to go drink some of the bitter tears of the anti-stadium crowd, who showed up to protest the signing of the bill, along with scores of fans that are stadium supporters.

Now the Vikings will begin planning in earnest, and Vikings VP of Stadium Affairs has said it will be about a year before the Vikings can break ground on the new digs adjacent from the Metrodome, as several things need to happen, like, you know, get a final design and all. But there will time for that later.

For now, we celebrate!