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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we've done it again.

Thanks to all of you that make this the best damn Minnesota Vikings community on the internet, we've clicked past another milestone on the ol' odometer as, sometime late last night, we had our eight millionth visit to our corner of the interwebs here.

March and April were, by far, the two biggest months in the history of the site in terms of hits. As far as comments go, I'm pretty sure that we're doing alright in that category this month, too. (Amazing what a bunch of people sitting around and making fun of the political process will do.)

We know that Minnesota Vikings fans are the best fans in the National Football League, and no community exemplifies that more than this one. Now, as we enter the long, dark tea time of the off-season, we will effort to keep things entertaining until there's actual football to talk about.

Speaking of which. . .we're only about two and a half months from the start of Training Camp. Time sure does fly when you're not sure whether or not your team is going to exist in its current state after the 2012 season, doesn't it?

But, since we do have some time to fill between now and the start of Training Camp, what are some of the thins that you would like to see on the site before then? Let us know, and we'll effort to do our best to accommodate.

Thanks, as always, to each and every one of you for your patronage, as none of this would exist without you folks. Keep spreading the word, and we will continue to strive to be the very best source of news and opinions on the Minnesota Vikings.

10 July 2006 - Daily Norseman goes live
1 July 2009 - Daily Norseman reaches 1 million hits
26 January 2010 - Daily Norseman reaches 2 million hits
26 September 2010 (approximately) - Daily Norseman reaches 3 million hits
24 January 2011 (approximately) - Daily Norseman reaches 4 million hits
1 August 2011 - Daily Norseman reaches 5 million hits
9 November 2011 - Daily Norseman reaches 6 million hits
27 February 2012 - Daily Norseman reaches 7 million hits
15 May 2012 - Daily Norseman reaches 8 million hits