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Grandpa Sports Thinks E.J. Henderson Will Be Back With Minnesota

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Buried in this column about how awful the Minnesota Twins have been thus far in 2011 is an interesting little bit from Sid Hartman. . .the man who, apparently, is wholly and solely responsible for the Minnesota Vikings getting a new stadium.

There is still a good chance that E.J. Henderson will sign with the Vikings once he agrees to a contract paying the linebacker quite a bit less than the $6.7 million he was paid last year. Henderson still is demanding the same pay he got last year.

Now, don't get me wrong. . .we all love E.J. Henderson around here. The guy has proven that he's a warrior and has gone through a hell of a lot during his career with the Vikings.

But E.J. Henderson isn't getting $6.7 million from anybody to play football this year. He sure as heck isn't going to get it from the Minnesota Vikings.

Will Henderson the Elder be back in purple next season? That remains to be seen. . .but if he is, it will be at a significantly reduced price tag, and he's likely going to have some serious competition for the middle linebacker spot.