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Ladies And Gentlemen, The Vikings Stadium Alert System

Vikings Stadium Alert System picture courtesy of <a href="">Dan Barriero of KFAN-FM 100.3</a>
Vikings Stadium Alert System picture courtesy of Dan Barriero of KFAN-FM 100.3

In light of the recent roller coaster developments with the Minnesota Vikings' stadium situation, we now have a way of gauging exactly which direction things are moving in.

KFAN-FM afternoon host Dan Barriero, who I happen to think generally does a pretty good job, has developed the "Vikings Stadium Alert System," similar to the old terror watch color codes that went away a few years ago. You can see the graphic there on the right. Barriero has coded the various colors as follows:

Purple - The deal is done, and there will be a new stadium.
Green - Things are looking good.
Yellow - Yellow Bellied Pig legislators (hence the Y.B.P. abbreviation) have added another worthless provision or plan that has no shot at passing. It's just another way to waste time and get out of actually voting on a real plan.
Red - Things are moving in the wrong direction.
Black - Zygi (Wilf) has given up. The team has been sold and will be moving to Los Angeles.

After yesterday's proceedings, we are firmly in the Code Yellow stage, it appears.

Hopefully we can stop screwing around and move to Code Purple sooner rather than later.