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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Minneapolis City Council Vote On Friday

While it appears to be just a formality at this point, enough noise is getting made about the Minneapolis City Council's vote on a new Minnesota Vikings' stadium where it might not hurt to contact your representative (if you're a Minneapolis resident) and remind them how important this bill is.

The link to the City Council's home page is right here. On that site, there are links to each individual member of the council. Those links will give you their phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and any other means you might need to make contact with them.

The 13-member City Council has given their support to a Vikings' stadium bill once, by a slim 7-6 margin. It is expected that the current stadium bill will be passed by the Council by the same margin. Again, however, you can never be too sure about something like this until it's well and truly over. . .as Minnesota Vikings fans, we know that better than anybody.

So, if you're a Minneapolis resident that is in favor of the Vikings remaining in Minnesota for the next 30+ years, take a minute or two to contact your City Council member before Friday's vote.