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Trevor Guyton Becomes First Vikings Draftee To Sign Contract

The Vikings' final pick of the 2012 NFL Draft. . .and the guy that I was just getting ready to start doing our look at to wrap up our look at the Vikings' 2012 draft class. . .is apparently the first one to sign his rookie contract, according to his Twitter account.

Guyton is so excited about signing his deal, he even tweeted a picture of the pen he used to sign it. Must admit. . .that's a pretty sweet pen. I'm guessing you can't get those for two dollars a dozen down at the local Walgreen's or anything like that.

But, the Vikings have officially started signing their 2012 draft picks, it appears. I'm guessing we'll see more signings here in the next few days, since the new Collective Bargaining Agreement basically has rookies slotted into their salary spots and there isn't a whole lot of negotiation to be done.

And congratulations to Trevor Guyton on officially becoming a Minnesota Viking!