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Minnesota Vikings' Stadium Bill Officially Becomes Official, Officially

It didn't bring quite the level of celebration that we had here a little more than two weeks ago when the Minnesota Senate had their final vote on the bill, but the Minnesota Vikings' stadium has officially cleared its final hurdle. Today in Minneapolis, the City Council gave their support to the bill by the expected margin of 7-6, making it official that the funding mechanism for the city's portion of the stadium would be put in place.

The City Council had given their support to the bill months ago, and while this step was largely seen as a formality, there was a bit of trepidation. Ultimately, however, the last party that needed to be included in the stadium process, along with the Minnesota Vikings and the state of Minnesota, has given their blessing, and the Minnesota Vikings are now, officially, going to be getting a new stadium.

Now, let us never speak of stadium legislation or funding issues again and get back to talking about how awesome this new place is going to be for Vikings fans everywhere, shall we?