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Robert Griffin III Inteviews Jarius Wright And Alshon Jeffery

You saw a small portion of this in a FanShot that was posted here the other day, but now we have a little bit of an Extended Director's Cut, if you will.

At the NFLPA Rookie Premiere in Los Angeles, a lot of this year's rookies were in town to meet with the media and go through photo shoots, lots of public relations types of things. In this video, three rookies get together for a bit of a talk. The one we're interested in is, obviously, receiver Jarius Wright, and he's joined by Chicago Bears' rookie receiver Alshon Jeffery and, the man with the microphone, Redskins' quarterback Robert Griffin III.

I know some people have asked about it, so I want to clarify our post from last week about having the opportunity to interview Jarius Wright. The contest was not just DN readers competing against other DN readers for the right to do the interview, but it was among all of the SB Nation blogs that had representation at the Rookie Premiere for the right to interview their team's representative at the event. Jarius Wright just happened to be our team's representative, so I put it out there as an opportunity to interview him should you win the contest.

Hopefully that clarifies things a bit, and I apologize if they were a little foggy the first time.

I hope you enjoy the interview. . .I think it's pretty cool that we have the #2 overall pick in the NFL draft name-dropping SB Nation in interviews. Long way from where the company was when we hit the scene almost six years ago.