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Where I Solicit Questions For A "Video Mailbag"

As you may or may not have noticed, our video stream has sort of dried up since the NFL Draft finished, largely because. . .well, I don't have any good ideas for stuff to talk about in the video format at this point in time. However, I'm going to enlist you fine folks for assistance in changing that.

In the comments here, I would like you all to submit questions for a "video mailbag" that I'm going to effort to do for the next few weeks here. I'll put a post like this up for the next couple of weeks, and from the comments grab a couple of questions that I'll attempt to give my best answer to. It won't be a ton of questions or anything, just a few at a time. . .after all, anyone that's ever uploaded a video to YouTube knows how long that sort of thing takes (I believe it took our most recent video, which clocked in at just under three minutes, about an hour to go from my laptop to the YouTube servers).

So, if you have any Vikings-related questions you'd like me to take a stab at, go ahead and leave them in the comments here and I'll try to have our first video mailbag done by Tuesday or so. They can be about the current roster, historical questions, opinion questions, whatever you'd like to hear yours truly opine about for a few minutes relating to the Minnesota Vikings.

Thanks to all of you for helping out with this! Again, I'll attempt to do this every week until at least mid-July, when I'll be away from the camera for a couple of weeks as my wife and I journey back to the homeland.