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Scott Kooistra Is Attempting To Move On

There's an article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press today by Jeremy Fowler about former Vikings' offensive lineman Scott Kooistra. Kooistra was in contention to start last season before suffering an injury in a pre-season game against the Seattle Seahawks.

The account of the injury is a pretty scary one, and it turns out that Kooistra is lucky that things didn't end up being a whole lot worse. Not that they're necessarily rosy or anything now, but here's what happened.

A helmet-to-helmet collision with linebacker Aaron Curry on a running play had changed everything. Carla didn't even know he was hurt. Neither did the Vikings at first; Scott said he "stumbled" through three subsequent plays that ended the series before coming to the sideline in pain, unable to move his neck from side to side. Scott thought a trainer would just crack his back and he would return to the game. Instead, he was taken to a hospital.

Now, I understand that three plays is not a lot in the National Football League, but when you've got a neck injury the likes of which Kooistra has obviously suffered, even one play more would be too many.

You really do have to read the entire story. . .it details some of Kooistra's rehab process, and how he's trying to move on from the significantly life-altering events of last August.