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Your Random Minnesota Vikings Highlight Video Of The Day

Since there really isn't a whole lot else going on at the moment, I figure it's time to throw a highlight video from happier times up here for everyone's viewing pleasure.

The Minnesota Vikings' 2010 season certainly didn't have very many highlights, but the game against the Arizona Cardinals on November 7 of that year certainly qualifies. The team had released Randy Moss in the days leading up to this game, just weeks after acquiring him from the New England Patriots for a third-round draft choice. The game was incredibly ugly for the Vikings in the early going, as they went into the locker room trailing 14-10, and when Percy Harvin fumbled the second half kickoff, the Cardinals jumped on it and took it in for a score to make it 21-10.

The Cardinals tacked on another field goal to make the score 24-10, and that was the score when Greg Camarillo was tackled on a punt at the Arizona 40-yard line with 4:39 remaining in the game.

And then the Vikings went crazy. . .on both sides of the ball.

This video shows the highlights of that game from that point on. SPOILER: It ends up being a happy ending for our favorite football team.