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How About Another Highlight Video Of The Day?

Well, folks seemed to enjoy the highlight video that we posted yesterday quite a bit, so let's have another one, shall we?

For tonight's video, we go a little further back into the archives, all the way to 27 December 1997, and the Minnesota Vikings' wild card playoff game at the Meadowlands against the New York Giants. It was the Giants' first playoff game since 1993, and they were thoroughly pummeling the Vikings in the early going, taking a 19-3 lead into the locker room at halftime behind the steady hand of quarterback. . .ummm, Danny Kanell. Yeesh.

However, early in the second half, the Vikings forced a Tiki Barber fumble and converted it into a Leroy Hoard touchdown run to cut the deficit to 19-10. The teams then exchanged field goals, and the score was 22-13. That score held up until there were just 90 seconds left in the game, when Randall Cunningham hit Jake Reed for a 30-yard touchdown to make the score 22-20. The Giants' Chris Calloway (heidi heidi heidi ho) then muffed the ensuing onside kick, which was recovered by Minnesota. That's where this video picks up, with ABC announcers Mike Patrick and Joe Theismann. 1:25 left in the game, and the Vikings in position to drive for the winning score.

Enjoy, folks!