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HBO Finally Gets Their Team For Hard Knocks

When we reported earlier this month that the Minnesota Vikings had turned down the opportunity to be on the HBO television program "Hard Knocks," many folks expressed that they liked the program, but they just didn't want the Vikings to be on it. For those of you that fall under that heading, you'll be happy to know that HBO has finally gotten their team.

Starting on August 7, it will be a Hard Knock(s) Life for the Miami Dolphins.

The announcement was made just a little while ago, and the Dolphins are an interesting choice. Their fans have been displeased. . .to put it mildly. . .with a lot of what their team has done this off-season, and it will be interesting to see how that translates over to the practice field.

When the show does start, you can bet that our friends over at The Phinsider will be all over the coverage of it.

So, fear not, Hard Knocks fans. . .you will, indeed, have something to watch this pre-season.