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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: House To Vote On Stadium Bill Monday

Well, after 24 hours of pushing some plan that either involved or didn't involve a roof and either involved or didn't involve gambling and so forth, the Minnesota Republicans have abandoned their "alternative" stadium proposal, and it was announced that there will be a vote on the bill that has been vetted already on Monday.

Speaker Kurt Zellers said that he wouldn't be voting for the bill, because. . .well, just between you and me, if you thought that guy was voting in favor of it regardless, you haven't been paying attention. He did say that the voters of Minnesota voted for a Democratic governor and a Republican majority in the state legislature, so the voters have "gotten what they asked for." Tom Pelissero gives the appropriate response:

So, on the bright side, Zellers has finally taken a stand on the stadium issue. And after only three or four months.

On the downside, he basically just called the voters of Minnesota idiots. I know if I were a Minnesota voter, I would not be terribly pleased with his assessment. In that case, maybe it's just an addition to the "bright side" and really not a downside at all.

In any case, if you thought the political rhetoric and invective had reached a fever pitch to this point, then the next 96 hours or so are going to be sheer hell for you. It could also be the most important 96 hours in the history of this football team.

Again, if you're a voter in the state of Minnesota, call your Representatives, call your Senators, call the Governor, call your mama and tell HER to call all those people, too. If you aren't sure who those people are, here's the link for you to find out.