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A Look At Day Two Of Organized Team Activities For The Vikings

There are a few spots out there that have some tidbits from today's second day of Minnesota Vikings Organized Team Activities. Let's take a look at some of them.

-You know how you know it's been too long without football? When a video of footraces between Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson is one of the cooler football-related things you've seen since January. Keep in mind that the guy that appears to be winning the majority of the races is the guy that had his knee reconstructed right after Christmas.

-Kevin Seifert from ESPN points out that the only veterans missing from this week's OTAs are linebacker Chad Greenway and defensive end Jared Allen. Allen generally doesn't attend OTAs anyway, and as long as he continues playing like. . .well, like Jared Allen. . .he can continue doing whatever the heck he wants, as far as I'm concerned. Greenway is apparently dealing with a family issue.

-Mike Wobschall of points out a sign of quarterback Christian Ponder making progress in his quarterbacking abilities.

One moment that illustrated Ponder's progression so far during OTAs came about midway through Wednesday's practice during 7-on-7 work. On the first play of the period, Ponder lofted a pass deep down the left sideline for WR Devin Aromashodu, but CB Chris Cook made an exceptional play on the ball and grabbed the INT. On the next play, Ponder dropped back and rifled a pass into the center of the field to hit WR Stephen Burton between two defenders. The pass was perfectly timed and was the proper read. As Ponder jogged back to the huddle, Vikings Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave barked "Way to bounce right back!"

Good sign from Ponder. . .and in the Vikings' wide receiver battle, maybe I'm underestimating Stephen Burton a little bit. Guy has size and a lot of physical talent, but didn't get to show much last year before landing on IR.

-Defensive tackle Kevin Williams has expressed that he would like to finish his career as a member of the Minnesota Vikings. Williams is in the last year of his contract, but the team has a two-year option that they can pick up on the big man at a cost of nearly $17 million. I love me some Kevin Williams, folks, and if his season this year looks like the end of his 2011 season (where he picked up five sacks in the last seven games after finally getting completely healthy), then the Vikings might pick that deal up. He's probably going to have to have that kind of season to justify the Vikings picking up an $8.5 million/year option on a 32-year old defensive tackle.

-Harvin is, indeed, planning on participating in OTAs over the next couple weeks if his shoulder will allow it, according to 1500 ESPN.

-1500 ESPN also reports that the Vikings have no plans on providing any competition for rookie kicker Blair Walsh. The job is his.