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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: If You're Going To Protest, Do It Right

Saw this on my timeline on the Twitter from WCCO-TV political reporter Pat Kessler just now.

Now, my guess is that nobody that's calling from our community falls under this heading, but for anyone that might be getting their information from us for the first time, this is something that needs to be reiterated.

The pro-stadium cause gains nothing from people calling in to various representatives and senators and acting like jerks. Nothing is gained by this at all. In that scenario, the best-case outcome is that you're going to get tuned out, and the worst-case scenario that you're just going to piss them off and potentially push them in the opposite direction.

Leave the arrogance and condescension to the anti-stadium lobby. It's their stock and trade. We know how important this vote is to the future of our favorite football team, and deep down all of these members of the Minnesota legislature should damn well know how important it is, too. These points can be expressed in a polite, intelligent manner, and that's the way they should be expressed.

Again, I have my doubts as to whether anyone that's a regular around these parts is acting that way, but I want to put it out there so that anybody that might stumble across our site can get the message as well.

Oh, and if you have any doubt as to whether or not your message is being heard. . .

Keep it up, folks! Just do it the right way, that's all.