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Reminder: Out-Of-State Viking Fans Can Help Stadium Push, Too

So I know what some of you are thinking as you read the roller coaster stories regarding the stadium push- "but I am a member, proud and purple-bleeding nonetheless, of the Vikings nations' diaspora. How can I help, if I do not vote for the people in whose hands the fate of this stadium is held?"

Well, if you recall, I did a story quite a whiles back on just how you CAN be involved, and how you CAN have your voice heard and make an impact. You see- and with all due respect to my Minnesotan brethren here, mind you- while their political vote is obviously more important than ours (since, you know, we can't legally vote in Minnesota)... our money is actually a bit more important. Economically speaking, money spent in-state, that was earned in-state, is good. However, money spent in-state that was earned/ comes from out-of-state is even more economically beneficial for that local economy.

You see... and again I say this with no disrespect intended for the state of Minnesota or it's residents- but I don't have a whole lot of reason to visit that state if the Minnesota Vikings aren't there. Quite frankly, it's highly unlikely I would ever go without them. I just don't have a reason to. However, with the Minnesota Vikings there, there are at least eight times a year when I wish I was in Minnesota- and if I could make it happen, I would. I would go, and I would spend my money. My... Florida money. (Yes yes, it's all the same currency- you get what my point is). Minnesota residents who spend money watching the Vikings are probably going to continue, you know, spending their money in the state of Minnesota with or without the Vikings. Me? Again, not likely.

Originally when I explained this fact I suggested, with Skol Girl's help, some people to write to. However, with time scant, we're going straight to it- contact the Senate Majority and Minority leaders directly via phone and/ or email. I did yesterday. Explain (POLITELY!!!) that while you cannot vote for them either way, that our precious money is staying outside of Minnesota. Now, will this necessarily have the same impact as 'I'm not voting for you if the stadium bill doesn't pass'? Probably not. BUT, it is a way for our voices to be heard, and it will still have some impact. As much as the economic benefits of the stadium have been explained, it still helps to hear directly from people with that cash.

So, fellow out-of-staters, check out the links provided here to contact the top Senate leaders, get on the phone, type away that email- just like the more voters express their interest the better, the more of us heard- the better.