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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Another Rally On Sunday

Hopefully some of you folks got out to the Mall of America for the stadium rally this afternoon. If you didn't. . .or, heck, even if you did. . .there's going to be another one for your cheering pleasure on Sunday afternoon as well.

The rally on Sunday is going to be at Mac's Industrial Sports Bar in Minneapolis at 4:45 PM. If you've never been to Mac's before, it is located at 321 Central Avenue SE in Minneapolis. In attendance at this event will be Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, Minnesota House Majority Whip Rod Hamilton (R - Mountain Lake, District 22B), and former Minnesota Vikings running back Chuck Foreman.

Judging from the pictures that I've seen on Twitter and other places, the rally this afternoon was a huge success. The time is getting shorter, with the House set to debate the Minnesota Vikings' stadium bill on Monday. As Ted detailed in his earlier post, the Majority Whip is the person that's responsible for "whipping up" votes to insure you have enough to get something passed, and having a huge turn out at Mac's on Sunday afternoon could go a long way towards convincing one of the more powerful members of the House majority that this deal needs to get done.

So, if you have some time to spare on Sunday afternoon, head on over to Mac's Industrial Sports Bar and show your support for a new Minnesota Vikings Stadium. Keep it up, ladies and gentlemen. . .the message IS getting through!