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House Stadium Debate Overflow Thread

The House of Representatives is still debating the Vikings stadium debate. It's been drama and high comedy so far, mostly high comedy.

It's fun to watch democracy in action, but with the ignorance that some of our legislative leaders exhibit, it's also a bit scary. But come on in, because we're getting closer to a vote. When that will be, exactly, I can't say. But it will be this evening.

Chris here. . .I went ahead and just embedded the live feed into this post as well, so that people can open the thread and read all the comments while still listening to the video. Don't try doing the video on both posts at the same time or anything, though. Just don't. You know what happened in Ghostbusters when they crossed the streams? Yeah, it will be like that, only much much worse. I think. Anyway, we're probably going to be here a while, so enjoy it with your fellow Vikings fans!