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One Down, One To Go: Your Senate Debate Open Thread

This usually isn't the type of sports doubleheader that fans look forward to, but when it comes to keeping the Vikings in Minnesota, we'll do just about anything won't we?

After a long, arduous, emotional 8.5 hour debate by the Minnesota House of Representatives that required not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE separate open threads on our site yesterday, the bill finally passed by a vote of 73-58. However, one amendment passed that would require the Vikings to chip in about $105 million extra than they originally agreed upon, which could turn into yet another hurdle. Vikings VP Lester Bagley called the increase in team funding "not workable", but there's still time to work something out.

The Senate debate can be viewed LIVE here:

EDIT 9:22 AM CT: Here's the embedded live feed:

The Vikings bill is scheduled to be debated around 9:00 AM CT--right about now--so open up that link in another tab on your browser and settle in for what should be another long day of politics. But hey, it's not nearly as bad if we endure it together, right?