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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Trudging Towards. . .Something

We've been at it for about six hours and, according to the announcements that are being made, there are approximately 206 amendments remaining for the Vikings' stadium bill in the Senate. Honestly, I swear that the number was 50 about three hours ago, and now we're somewhere in the mid-40s. The number really isn't actually dropping, it doesn't appear.

We've had things added, we've had things taken out, we've had amendments to amendments, and at this point I've damn near forgotten what they're debating. But I know one thing for sure. . .if they don't pick up the pace here in short order, there's almost no chance of a vote happening tonight. As I type this, it's getting close to 7:30 PM Central time, and

We did, however, get a removal of the language that would (apparently) have required a Minneapolis referendum that had been introduced earlier. So we've got that going for us. . .which is nice.

Anyway, here's the fourth open thread on the Senate stadium bill debate. As I said, I don't know how many more of these we're going to need for tonight, or if we're going to get a vote tonight. But, damn it all, we will be here regardless!