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Minnesota Vikings Stadium Debate: Exercises In Perseverance

At this point in the proceedings, I would like to put forth a measure of my own.

If at any time in the course of running this website I ever make overtures about potentially running for public office, I want someone to promise me that they will straight-up murder me in my sleep. If this is what politics turns you into, then I really have no interest.

Yes, we're on hour number eight of debate in the Minnesota Senate about legislation for a new Minnesota Vikings' stadium, and there still doesn't appear to be any actual end in sight. As it's past 9:30 PM Central time, it is looking less and less likely that we're actually going to get any sort of vote this evening.

Full disclosure. . .yours truly needs to be at his day job at about 5 AM Central time, so it won't be too much longer before I take off here. However, Ted will probably be here for a while longer, so if yet another open thread is needed, someone will oblige.