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Your Final Open Thread Of The Evening...They're Either Still Debating, The Bill Passed, Or It Failed

EDIT: They're still debating. Hence, here's the fee. -Chris

It's been a long two days of debate. I have to go to work, as most of us do, so I checked out awhile ago.


Julianne Ortman is possibly one of the 11 dumbest people in Minnesota. And she's a state senator.

John Marty got picked on a lot as a kid, and this is his one chance at vengeance. And he makes laws.

Sean Nienow probably eats his own boogers. He shouldn't have access to this much power and responsibility.

Awesome Julie Rosen is awesome. If Minnesota had royalty, I'd let her be Queen.

So I have one of two responses:

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, We're going to conference committee!