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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: The Finish Line Is In Sight!

By this time, the Conference Committee for the Minnesota Vikings' stadium bill should be hammering out details of the legislation that will keep our favorite football team right where they belong for a very long time. However, that doesn't mean that it's time to slow down.

As anyone that's into running will tell you, spotting the finish line isn't the time to slow down. . .it's the time to put the pedal to the floor.

Continue doing as much as you can to make your voice heard at the legislature. If your Senators and Representatives voted for the Vikings' stadium bill, tell them to stay with it. If they voted against it, ask them. . .politely and respectfully, of course. . .to change their minds.

If you live in Senator Marty or Senator Nienow's district. . .ummmmm, call somebody else, I guess. (You're not swaying either of those guys, I don't think.)

According to the schedule, the House and Senate are supposed to start their session at 1 PM Central time. The legislative day can run all the way to 6:59 AM on Thursday. This is the final day of the legislative session, so the conference committee will be working fast and furious to get something ready to be presented before the end of the session.

When the debate starts, we will effort to have something up here for everyone to follow it.

Until then. . .

(Hey, it was this or "The Final Countdown." Tell me I didn't make the right call.)