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In Case You Missed It: Rep Kriesel's Closing Remarks

Two nights ago--at least I think it was two nights ago, the days just seem to run together with this stadium thing, Rep John Kriesel, one of the heavy lifters for the stadium in the House of Representatives, made his closing remarks about why the state of Minnesota should vote for this bill. It comes in at just under 4:30, and it should be required viewing for anyone who is a fan of this team, and understands what the emotional attachment is but has been unable to express it.

If this thing gets done, I think it's cool that a lot of the credit will go to Kriesel, who not only is a fellow combat veteran (woot woot) but is as passionate a Vikings fan as there is on this board.

Regardless, John Kriesel should never have to buy his own beer in the state of Minnesota ever again.

Ever. Again.

It's not over yet. Call your rep, call your senator, and tell them to bring this home.

Rep Kriesel will be leaving the House at the end of this term, and will become a Veteran's service officer for Anoka County. Sir, I thank you for your service to your country, to the state of Minnesota, and to the team we all love.