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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Because We Really ARE Thinking Of The Children

Okay. . .at this point, I really have no idea what in the hell is going on. The Conference Committee for the Vikings' stadium was supposed to convene at 9. . .then 9:20. . .then 10. . .and now we're at 11:45.

Word coming out of St. Paul is that the House is going to vote on the bill tonight and, should it pass, the Senate will vote on it tomorrow. I spoke in error earlier. . .tomorrow (Thursday, since it's going to be "tomorrow" in about fifteen minutes) is the final day that the legislature can pass anything for this session, since they can't pass anything on the session's final day (which would be Friday).

But, it sounds like the Conference Committee is going to finally be getting started here momentarily. Remember, no amendments or other resolutions can be added at this point, so this is just straight-up debate about the bill and an up-or-down vote.

Ain't no party like a legislative party. Join us inside, won't you?