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Yes, We Will Provide A Minnesota Vikings Highlight Video For This Evening

My apologies for the lack of updatery on the site today, ladies and gentlemen. . .working a consecutive string of mid shifts finally caught up with me, and I've spent the majority of the day basically not doing a whole heck of a lot. But, I will not be denying everyone their highlight video of the day.

This particular video combines two of our favorite sources for highlight material. . .Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings' 2009 season. The Vikings 2009 season opener saw them take a trip to Ohio to battle the Cleveland Browns. People didn't know what to expect from the Vikings when the season got underway, as Brett Favre had just gotten to the team and saw limited pre-season action before taking the helm. But everyone knew that Adrian Peterson was still pretty awesome.

Favre only threw for 110 yards in his first Minnesota start, but he didn't need much more with the performance Peterson put together. Peterson rushed for 180 yards and three touchdowns on the afternoon, and his last touchdown of that afternoon. . .of all the great runs Adrian Peterson has had in his career. . .is probably still my favorite.

Eric Wright, to this day, still might not know exactly what hit him on that play. That wasn't a stiff-arm from Peterson as much as it was a right cross to the head. But, it shows the skills that makes Peterson great. . .he has the speed to get through the hole and the power to send an NFL defensive back flying. I can't wait to see the man back out on the field again.