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Jerome Simpson Officially Suspended By National Football League

My apologies for yet another late start here, ladies and gentlemen. Truth be told, the real world is pretty much kicking my ass at the moment, but I'm still efforting to get you folks good stuff about our favorite football team.

This stuff doesn't necessarily fall under the heading of "good," and in fact is something we already knew anyway, but now it's official. Wide receiver Jerome Simpson will miss the first three games of the 2012 NFL season for violating the league's substance abuse program.

Simpson was arrested back in September when two pounds of marijuana were shipped. . .yes, shipped, as in through the mail. . .to his home in Kentucky. Authorities also found six more pounds of marijuana inside his home. He served a 15-day jail sentence for his crime earlier this year.

The league also docked Simpson one additional game check, meaning that he will lose 4/17 of his salary for this year. All up, it comes to a total of around $366,000 when you throw in money lost for per-game roster bonuses and things of that nature.

Again, you already knew this, but now it's official.