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The Title Track Challenge: Time to Vote

<strong>"I need your vote for the 2012 Vikings Season Soundtrack title challenge." -Coach Leslie Frazier</strong>
Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE
"I need your vote for the 2012 Vikings Season Soundtrack title challenge." -Coach Leslie Frazier Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

A good title is important. That's why, although it's still early and we have no idea what the 2012 Minnesota Vikings season has in store for fans, we're already looking for a title for the 2012 Vikings Season Soundtrack. Call it vision, or not enough to do, but at least we could call it something that would have a little more personality and panache than it currently does.

By the time we'd started doing song contests for a season soundtrack in 2011, it was pretty clear that 2011 was not going to be the kind of season that created warm, fuzzy memories for fans. So the 2011 soundtrack got dubbed the Ultimate Misery Mix almost from the contest's inception. However, 2012 is still fresh with no miserable losses in it yet. The roster had undergone a serious youth movement, and, unlike last year, the team makes no pretense that 2012 isn't a rebuilding season. Fans are looking at a team that has a lot of young players, a lot to prove, and not much in the way of certainty. What kind of a title track captures that feeling? What song would be a good anthem for a season that hasn't happened yet?

After the jump, the list of songs in the running to become our title track and your chance to vote.

I put that challenge before the DN readers and got some interesting results. Now, normally, DN song contest winners are chosen by the DN staff. That isn't the way it is going to work this time around. No, because this song will be the working title for the season soundtrack, it seemed like it should be chosen by the DN readers. This time the DN staff simply thinned the list before readers get to vote on it.

We could choose the title track with a simple majority, but even our thinned down list has several choices. Instead, the top three tracks from this poll will face off again for top honors, the right to be the title track for the 2012 Vikings Season Soundtrack. That's right, this is the first of two votes that will eventually get us to a winning title track. Vote now to help us find the top three songs, then vote for one of the top three songs so we can crown a winner. The fate of the 2012 soundtrack title is in your hands, try to use your power wisely. Of course, we'll never know if you don't, so you could also cast your vote based on Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe--a tactic that could explain some of the recent political elections...

Here's a list of the songs vying to be the title track for the the 2012 Vikings Season Soundtrack including links to the songs on YouTube. Browse the list, listen to the songs, and then go to the poll to select the one you like best.

  1. "Magical Mystery Tour" The Beatles submitted by vikings68
  2. "Times Like These" Foo Fighters submitted by vikings68
  3. "Back From the Dead" Spinal Tap submitted by HitchinPost
  4. "The Distance" Cake submitted by CCNorsemen
  5. "White Blank Page" Mumford & Sons submitted by Landonio
  6. "The Underdog" Spoon submitted by Ladonio
  7. "Will the Vikings Suck This Year?" Andrew Zilch submitted by NORviking