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Chris Kluwe Opening New Gaming Store

Yes, much like Bachman, Turner, and Overdrive, the Vikings' punter is taking care of business.

(Every day! Well, during the off-season, anyhow. Otherwise he has to. . .wait for it. . .work out!)

Those that have followed Chris Kluwe on Twitter know about his love for game-related stuff, whether it's card gaming, video gaming, or table-top gaming. Now, he's going to be opening a new store related to all things gaming in his home state of California.

Mercenary Market is coming to Costa Mesa, California, with the grand opening taking place this Friday, June 15. Kluwe will be on hand to take on all comers. . .well, maybe not all, but a lot, I would wager. . .in games of Warmachine and Magic: The Gathering (the latter of which Kluwe has played since he was nine years old, according to his bio on the store's website). I might have to see if Mrs. Gonzo would be interested in a road trip this weekend.

If you're in the area and you're into gaming, wander on over and have a look!