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Another Vikings Highlight Video For You To Enjoy

I'll give you a heads-up on this video. . .you might actually be better off watching it with the sound off. This is the best copy of this particular play that I can find, and the song that is attached to the video is annoying and awful. Well, in my opinion, anyway.

But, this is a play that had gotten a few requests in the comments sections of previous highlight videos, so I thought I'd put it out there. It's the video of Percy Harvin's touchdown reception against the Green Bay Packers in the second meeting between the two teams in 2009.

I'm sure this has been pointed out before, but with as impressive as the catch by Harvin is here, the guy to keep an eye on is Adrian Peterson. When Brett Favre throws the pass, Peterson is just beyond the midfield stripe, presumably watching the play.

By the time Harvin catches the pass and turns himself upfield, who's in front of him supplying a lead block? It's Peterson. The guy covered a serious amount of ground in a hurry, and ran enough interference to allow Harvin to get into the end zone untouched.

Fun little play for Vikings fans to enjoy on a Friday night.