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Your Vikings Highlight Of The Evening

As we all know, outside of Percy Harvin, the Vikings WR corps consists of a lot of potential, but even more questions.

So I thought it might be nice to take the way-back machine to 1994, when Cris Carter was entering his prime, and the Vikings had one of the best WR tandems in the NFL in him and Jake Reed.

The date was Dec 1, 1994, and the Vikings would ultimately win the NFC Central that year, but as the calendar turned to December the Vikes were in a slump. They had started the season 7-2, but had lost three in a row to fall to 7-5. Two of those losses were in overtime, and a loss to the Bears at home would be crippling.

Cris Carter had a whale of a game, catching 9 passes for 124 yards and two TD's. As the fourth quarter began, the Vikes were down 24-16, but after a Fuad Reveiz FG, Warren Moon hit CC to give the Vikes the lead before Kevin Butler tied it up at 27. The Vikings were headed for their third overtime game in four weeks, and I guess Cris Carter had decided enough was enough:

Great catch and run, and yet another example of why CC was one of the greatest to ever play the game, Hall of Fame be damned.

Enjoy your Saturday evening, kids.