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Father's Day Open Thread: Who Is Your Favorite Fictional Dad?

Yes, everyone, today is Father's Day, so let me start by wishing a Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there reading our site this morning. Hopefully everyone has a plan to at least talk to their dads on the phone if they can't physically be there to do some sort of father/son activity together.

We all know that our real dads are, obviously, at the top of any list. But what about those fathers that led our favorite families from the realm of television? That's the subject of today's open thread. . .who's your favorite fictional father? I'll put a couple of mine down here (though I'm obviously not going to get everyone), and everyone else can fill in their thoughts in the comments section.

So, here are three from yours truly:

Homer Simpson - Yeah, like I was putting anyone else at the top of this list. Homer Simpson has gone through pretty much everything a father could imagine, including the fact that his only son has somehow managed to remain in the fourth grade for over 20 years. Homer has supplied us with plenty of good one-liners over the years. . .this one is a personal favorite.

A couple more after the jump!

Frank Costanza - The man invented Festivus, for crying out loud! Everyone's favorite TV Guide collector is one of the more memorable fathers in recent television history.

Cliff Huxtable - The Cosby Show, to this day, is one of the finest family shows of all time, and Bill Cosby's character is still one of the top TV dads ever. Not to mention an array of sweaters so kick-ass it would make Brad Childress almost afraid to use the term.

So, that's what I've got. Who are your favorite fictional fathers?