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The Saints* Did Not Have A $10,000 Bounty On Brett Favre After All

As it turns out, according to the evidence that the NFL turned over today, it was actually closer to $35,000.

The NFL showed reporters evidence Monday regarding the Saints' bounty case, including an allegation of a $35,000 bounty to knock Favre out of the game on Jan. 24, 2010. The Saints won, 31-28, in overtime en route to a victory in the Super Bowl.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated tweeted the information about Favre and the fact that the NFL claims Saints interim coach Joe Vitt pledged $5,000 of that money.

Initially, the NFL only said only Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma was offering a $10,000 bounty on Favre, but USA Today is reporting that defensive lineman Charles Grant and Mike Ornstein, along with Vitt, were also willing to pay up.

Oh, and it gets better. . .apparently this whole "bounty" thing was so advanced, these arrogant jackasses were even putting together PowerPoint presentations on the subject.

But Drew Brees is still looking for proof, presumably in the same places that O.J. Simpson searched for the real killers.

Are there really still people defending these asshats?

(Thanks to viking22 for posting this in the FanShots earlier.)