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Uh Oh...Percy Harvin Threatens Holdout

This is Percy Harvin being awesome.  Hope we don't see an interruption of that.
This is Percy Harvin being awesome. Hope we don't see an interruption of that.

Tom Pelissero just tweeted this, and it doesn't sound very good:

For a team coming off a 3-13 campaign, with a young QB still developing with his receivers, and an All-World running back rehabbing from a serious knee injury, this is the absolute last thing the Vikings need.

Let's hope it's just an ugly rumor, or the Vikings and Harvin can get a contract extension done. Zygi Wilf has been very good at giving healthy extensions to the core veteran players, and I think Harvin would qualify as one.

Hopefully it's a bluff, or just an unfounded rumor, but if it's not, this could really have a negative effect on an offense that will be looking to Harvin to be the main receiving playmaker as some promising new talent learns the ins and outs of the professional game.

EDIT: According to further info from Pelissero, it's no rumor, but a bona fide threat. Pull quote from his recent blog post at

Speaking to reporters for the first time in months, Harvin repeatedly said he's "not happy" with several thing and those issues "definitely" must be resolved before he'd report to Mankato for training camp on July 26.

One can only assume his contract is one of those things, because quite frankly, I've never heard of a guy holding out because his locker was closest to the showers, or he didn't like his number.

Well, things were just too quiet, and all things considered, I'll take a contract hold out over a boat ride or the aftermath of what a defeated stadium bill would've brought.