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Great News About Alan Greenway

Well, the Percy Harvin thing is going to be a story for a while, but let's try to balance that out with some real positiveness, shall we? Why, yes, I think we shall.

We reported last week that linebacker Chad Greenway's father, Alan, was in hospice care because of a battle with cancer. Greenway told reporters today at mini-camp, however, that's not the case, according to our friends at 1500 ESPN in the Twin Cities.

Pelissero later had a slight correction:

But the leukemia is still in remission, from what has been said thus far.

This is outstanding news about Mr. Greenway, and hopefully his leukemia will remain in remission for a long time to come.

It probably also explains why Greenway is at the Vikings' mini-camp after having been excused by Coach Leslie Frazier last week during the Minnesota Vikings' Organized Team Activities.