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Hey, Hey, My, My. . .Time For Another DWI

After the fairly positive buzz of OTAs and everything that happened during those, we get word that another member of the Minnesota Vikings is confused by the concept of the designated driver.

Vikings fullback Jerome Felton was arrested Saturday, June 2, by Eden Prairie Police for second-degree driving while impaired, according to Hennepin County Jail records.

Felton, 25, refused a chemical test and is being held on $12,000 bail, according to jail records. Police booked Felton at 5:51 a.m.

Felton is a part of the battle of MOAR FULLBACKS attempting to make the Vikings' roster. This is probably not the best way to go about gaining an advantage over your competition. The last two Vikings to be charged with DWI (backup quarterback Rhett Bomar and safety Tyrell Johnson) are no longer with the team, Bomar being a direct result of his arrest.

Nothing positive happens after 2 AM, folks. . .we've said that for a long time. I really wish someone in Minnesota would put a stop to this kind of garbage.

EDIT: Particularly frustrating in light of seeing this from Tom Pelissero: