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Where I Reiterate That Percy Harvin Has Zero Leverage

The folks from have put together a bit of a round-table discussion about the merits of the Vikings potentially trading wide receiver Percy Harvin. As both Ted and I have mentioned in previous posts, we think there's really a zero percent chance of that happening, although stranger things have occurred, I guess.

But Steve Wyche points out something that will likely not only be a factor in Harvin not being traded, but will also likely result in him not holding out.

If things get to a point where Harvin threatens to hold out of training camp, the Vikings won't budge because they have leverage. If Harvin doesn't report by Aug. 6, he will lose a year toward free agency and that could be a deal breaker for Harvin. Getting to free agency will be his chance for a big pay day and that tends to be the most crucial factor for most players, regardless of other issues.

Again, if this is a money issue for Harvin, you know that he's going to want to get to free agency sooner rather than later. Of course, the Vikings can use the franchise tag on him at that point, too. In either instance, he'd be in line for a huge pay day, and I don't think that there's any way he would delay that.

I'll say it again. . .Percy Harvin isn't going to get traded and, if this is any indicator, he probably won't even hold out from Training Camp. As I said earlier, I fully expect him to be in Mankato and fully participating when camp opens up.