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Percy Harvin Speaks. . .Er, Tweets. . .And It's Starting To Get Weird In Here

So with everything that's gone on with Percy Harvin today, you would think it would be pretty helpful to hear from the man himself. Well, we got that opportunity just a little bit ago, as the fourth-year man out of Florida got on his Twitter account (for the first time in almost two weeks) and attempted to clarify things for fans of the Minnesota Vikings.

It wasn't as helpful as you might think.

Here's the first of Harvin's two tweets:

Okay, fair enough. It's not about the money. Granted, that's generally what people say when it is, in fact, about the money, but I'll let Harvin humor me here.

He followed that up with this:

Now I'm lost.

1) It's not about the money. . .unless, of course, it is.
2) Harvin and coach Leslie Frazier are on the same page (at least I assume that's who he meant by "cch.")
3) There's nothing he can do about whatever the issue is.

The only conclusion I can draw is that it was Miss Scarlet in the Conservatory with the candlestick Harvin has issues with Bill Musgrave's offensive scheme. With the way the Vikings have constructed the roster this offseason (complete with, as we've mentioned, MOAR FULLBACK and MOAR TIGHT END), and the likelihood that he's going to be seeing more time lined up at running back until such time that Adrian Peterson is 100%, he might not like the look of what's going on with the Minnesota offense.

You know, unless it really is about the money after all. That's a distinct possibility.

Can anyone else draw a different conclusion at this point?