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Welcome To The Daily Norseman's Newest Front Page Writer

It's been a while since we added a new name to the masthead here at The Daily Norseman, but today we add a person to the fold who, quite frankly, may have been long overdue for it.

Starting today, Arif Hasan is the newest "front page" writer here at The Daily Norseman.

If you've read any of the analysis that Arif has done over the past few months of how various players performed during the 2011 season, I think you'll agree that he has a keen eye when it comes to those evaluations, and his musings are always very well-written and supported. He's going to make a fine asset to the front page of our humble little corner of the internet.

Arif will be along sometime later. . .it is about quarter after 4 AM Central time right now, after all. . .to talk about whatever he wants to talk about. But, for now, congratulations are in order for the newest member of our staff.

Congratulations, Arif. . .you've earned it!