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The Percy Situation....Resolved? Looks Like It, For Now. And Don Glover Weighs In

The Prodigal <strike>Son</strike> Receiver returns.  For today.
The Prodigal Son Receiver returns. For today.

Well, that was exciting, wasn't it? Kind of like bad storm clouds that look like they're coming your way, but suddenly move around you.

Apparently, The Percy Situation has been resolved, for the time being. Multiple sources are reporting that Harvin will be at the Vikings final mini-camp practice today, which is scheduled to begin at 10:45 CST. If you'll recall, he wasn't at the afternoon practice yesterday, after word of his trade demands were made public.

Via Corporate Overlord Blogger Kevin Seifert, Harvin is still unhappy with his present situation, but according to Leslie Frazier through KFAN, he'll be at practice.

Does this spell the end of The Percy Situation? Well, for now it does. But there's been no indication that his problems...whatever they may be...have been addressed, and Harvin, near as I can tell, still wants to be traded.

He's just shutting his piehole about it for the time being.

But if I'm Rick Spielman, I have Winston Wolf on speed dial, just in case he finds himself in need of someone who solves problems. Oh, and my father has rendered judgement on the entire affair:

Me: Dad, did you see where Percy Harvin has asked to be traded?

Dad: Why?

Me: He says he’s unhappy

Dad: He’s unhappy about being a millionaire?

Me: He says it’s not money

Dad: Son, when they say that, it’s always about the money.

Me: You’re probably right.

Dad: Let him bellyache and holler all he wants. Shut up and play. He can drop passes just as easily whether he make one million or two million a year.

Me and Dad: Laugh like 5 year olds

So for now, anyway, it looks like this too has passed.

I can't wait for the next player made crisis, can you?