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The Post-Viking Life

Whatever, dude.
Whatever, dude.

I have a tendency to write blurbs regarding what notable former Vikings are up to because it always has a bit of interest for me. I don't know if you all share that same feeling, but since I have front page privileges, you're all going to have to indulge me regardless. (See Arif, that's how you abuse power.)

Two former Vikes who had controversial tenures with us seem to, as of this moment, found some happiness in the post-Valhalla life. Former backup-starter-backup-starter-rammer-of-the-football-into-AP's-knee Tarvaris Jackson (no, I will never, EVER forget that last part... seriously, how do you take out our star running back on a handoff?!) looked to be having quite the battle for supremacy with his new team, the Viking Juniors Seattle Seahawks. While Charlie Whitehurst might not have been able to beat him for the job, the pressure mounted when the ‘Hawks added former Green Bay backup QB Matt Flynn (after he became the 112th quarterback the Miami Dolphins failed to sign in FA) as well as drafting Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson in the third round.

Well, it appears that post mini-camps, the job remains Jacksons' to lose... which would not be a situation he should be all that unfamiliar with. For now, HC Pete Carroll seems content with leaving Jackson at the #1 spot while making Flynn and Wilson fight for it. I suppose I'll wish Jackson luck (well, except for week 9 of course)- I may still be ticked off about the whole ‘ramming the football into AP's knee during a freakin' handoff' thing, but that said, the guy never was a jerk or anything while with us. If anything, he was a class act during the whole Favre time, when Jackson really was being jerked around somewhat unfairly.

However, speaking of guys who were jerks whilst in the purple and gold...

Some guy named Randy Moss un-retired and, after shopping around for a bit, joined on with the San Francisco 49er's. I say that for those who have been living under a rock for about the past nine months or so. Thus far, all reports out of the 49er's camp say that Moss has been a class act and seems to still have a bit left in the tank, even at the ripe age of 35. Two thoughts on this:

1.) Duh.

2.) Duh.

See, of course Moss is being a class act. He's gettin his straight cash homey, he's on a team with high aspirations (and for good reason), and in all likelihood some of the guys on the team are still treating him like he's the god he thinks he is (and damn well could be, to be honest). Moss was a class act when he first showed back up to Minnesota, too- called Brad Childress and told him how excited he was to be ‘returning home', walked on the field and began playing catch with Brett Favre and mentoring Percy Harvin, told the fans to bust out their old jerseys cuz it was gonna be a wild ride. To be fair, it was- just not quite the wild ride we hoped.

And in regards to still having something in the tank- I personally never doubted that. The guy's the Brett Favre of wide receivers- an ageless wonder. He didn't retire originally because he was too old to play; he retired because the Titans didn't even bother using him after a while, and because no team Randy wanted to play with wanted to play with Randy. Not to mention, if Jim Harbaugh bothered putting up with such a risk after his workouts with them, it's because Harbaugh saw something worth taking a risk on- this is NOT a dumb coach we're talking about here, he's one of- if not arguably THE- best coach in the NFL right now, in my opinion.

I'm not going to wish Moss bad luck per se here... certainly I don't want him to be injured or anything. But the dude seriously broke my heart last time around in Minnie, so I ain't wishing him good luck, either. I got nothing against the 49er's either, so sobeit, but still- I'm not holding my breath. Quite frankly, it will disgust me to see Moss ever get a Super Bowl ring. Call it sour grapes or whatever, but considering how many chances this guy has had to get one, and then acted his way right off the teams that could have done it for him, I just don't think he deserves it, a la Terrell Owens.

So there's your former Vikes recap. Of course, as we all well know, the future holds this: Jackson won't lose his starting spot, but Carroll will start a bizarre three-QB rotation on ever down. Also, Moss will be cut in pre-season for being a jackass. Just sayin'.