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What's Out There In The Vikings Blogosphere

Vikings' rookie Audie Cole is getting a new perspective. . .much like you can do by visiting some of the other great Vikings blogs out there.  (Mandatory Credit: Eric P. Mull-USPRESSWIRE)
Vikings' rookie Audie Cole is getting a new perspective. . .much like you can do by visiting some of the other great Vikings blogs out there. (Mandatory Credit: Eric P. Mull-USPRESSWIRE)

Not going to be a lot from me today, gang. . .Mrs. Gonzo is celebrating the anniversary of her emergence from the birth canal today (as is our very own Kyle Segall), and yours truly has to be at work at about 3 AM Wednesday morning, so the site is going to be largely out of my hands for today. But, since there's not a lot of news to be had at the moment, I'll take this in a slightly different direction.

We've been a part of the interwebs now for a pretty long time. . .we're going to hit our six-year anniversary here in a couple of weeks. While we may be one of the best (if not the best) Minnesota Vikings fan sites out there today. . .and I keep saying that partially because it's true, and partially because there's a minuscule segment of the population that gets annoyed as hell when that truth is expressed. . .time was when this wasn't a terribly big operation. We had to find our niche and get ourselves going, but eventually we got ourselves established. There are plenty of other sites out there that sort of fall into the same category, many of which you'll find over in the blogroll on the right-hand side of the page. Naturally, you know about us and you know about places like Bleacher Report, but there are plenty of smaller sites out there that get lost in the shuffle a little bit.

After the jump, in the interest of "paying it forward" a bit, I'll go ahead and highlight some of those for you. . .the ones that are actively updated, anyway. They are in alphabetical order because, well, that's just the easiest way to organize things.

Daily Leisure Vikings - For the most part, DLV has put together a lot of shorter pieces, and there's plenty of good stuff to be had there. They did manage to snag an interview with Chris Kluwe about the opening of his new game store in Costa Mesa, California, among other unique items.

Kick-Ass Blog - One that we highlighted a while back when Darren Campbell, the man that was originally behind the Vikings' blog Grant's Tomb, had a post on the front page. (Well, the post is under my name, but it was sent to me by him.) KAB is a collaboration between three Vikings bloggers. . .Darren, TBird41 (who used to have a site called The Ragnarok), and Pacifist Viking. . .who, for my money, is still the best Vikings' blogger out there that doesn't write for DN.

PA's Prattle - Not exactly a "small" site or anything like that, but if you've ever been curious about what the voice of the Vikings thinks about what's going on with the team or about other things, he has his own blog on the KFAN site.

Purple Jesus Diaries - PJD is. . .well, it's unique. Plenty of off-color humor mixed in with some pretty solid takes about the Vikings. Give it a go and see what you think!

Skol Patrol - Taylor Hicks shout-out aside, SP is one of the newer Vikings blogs out there. It's a part of the Aerys Sports Network, which is sort of like SB Nation, but with a twist. . .all of the sites are headed by women. As I said, the site is still just sort of getting started, so go have a look.

The Viking Age - TVA is on the FanSided Network of blogs, another setup similar to SB Nation. They've got quite a few talented writers over there with different perspectives, and they're always one of the most updated Vikings sites out there.

The Viking Den - Gil Alcaraz IV, whose name you probably recognize from the FanPost section here, has hung out his own shingle. Same level of good stuff there that he was providing in his postings here.

The Viking Ship - TVS generally collects links to other Viking websites and puts them in one easily accessible place for fans to get to. During the season, The Jazzy One (who runs the site) will put together a parody video for that week's opponent, which is always entertaining.

Vikings Gab - Another site that's part of a network (the SportsGab Network), and also provides pretty solid Vikings updates.

Vikes Geek - Vikes Geek is sort of the yin to our yang, for lack of a better way of putting it. While we, at times, tend to downplay the negative issues about our favorite football team, Vikes Geek usually embraces them with both arms. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, and all of his stuff is solidly written with good points to back up everything he says about the team.

I believe I've gotten to all of the sites that update regularly about our favorite football team. It's always important to get as many different perspectives about the Vikings as possible, in my opinion, and these sites are run by good, hard-working folks that I would hate to see get lost in the shuffle.

If you know of a Vikings' blog that isn't on here and that needs to be added to the list (and to the blogroll in the sidebar there), feel free to leave it in the comments and I'll toss it up here when I get a chance.