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The Community Guidelines Have Been Updated

Since there's a bit of a lull in actual football-related news at the moment, I've taken this opportunity to update the Community Guidelines for our little corner of the internet here. You'll always be able to find them on this page here, but I'll go ahead and list them out here so that nobody misses them.

With that, the new community guidelines are after the jump.

1) Some speech simply will not be tolerated

Are you a racist? Are you a bigot? Do you often refer to people in sexist terms? If you are or if you do, then the odds are good that your time here is going to be very short. Such things will not be tolerated, and if you're throwing such terminology around, you're gone. . .no warnings, no appeals, nothing.

2) Don't feed the trolls

As we've seen over the past couple of seasons, there are individuals out there that are unable to communicate by means other than trolling and general jackassery. When you're the best site of its kind on the internet. . .and, make no mistake, that's what we are in terms of Minnesota Vikings fan sites. . .you're going to get that kind of thing. If these sorts of unsavory individuals should show up here, whether it's in a Game Thread or wherever else, please do your best to not go down to their level. Simply flag the comment, and one of the admins will take the appropriate action.

3) Don't BE a troll

Obviously, we don't like it when people come into our house and take the proverbial dump on our carpet. By that same token, we ask that you not do that with other SB Nation communities, either. When the Vikings win, don't go to that team's SB Nation site and rub it in. When the Vikings lose, don't go to that team's SB Nation site whining and making excuses. Rest assured, there will be plenty of your fellow Viking fans celebrating or commiserating right here. So, we can let other fans celebrate their victories or mourn their losses without interjecting ourselves too much. (Obviously, I can't stop you, but you certainly don't have our endorsement to do so.) Oh, and if you're a fan of another team that's determined to come over here and be a jerk after a game, regardless of the result, don't whine when you find yourself in the "time out" chair.

4) Religion or politics? Nope.

Now that the stadium issue has been resolved in Minnesota, there aren't a whole lot of places where football and politics cross paths. If you want to talk about politics, there are approximately eight billion other websites on the internet that specialize in that sort of thing. Same goes with religion.

5) No sockpuppetry

If you should happen to get banned, the odds are pretty good that you'll be back relatively quickly (unless you were a real jerk, in which case there's probably no real point in bringing you back anyway). If you create another account (i.e. a "sock puppet"), we'll know it's you. And your sock puppet will be banned, too. And we won't be nearly as quick as we'd normally be about bringing your previous handle back, either. You know, if we decide to at all after that.

6) Know the names of the other 31 NFL teams

You know how we dislike it when other people refer to the Minnesota Vikings as the "Queens" or the "Viqueens" or whatever other juvenile term they want to spew? Okay. . .now, don't do that with any of the teams the Vikings might be on the field against, either. The folks over at Acme Packing Company have adopted this policy, and I feel it's only right that we do the same thing.

7) Keep the swearing to a minimum

Yes, adults swear sometimes. I get that. In Game Threads in particular, emotions can run a little high and those sorts of things might come out in certain situations. Just don't go launching into whole strings of expletives or anything like that. And don't swear at people, particularly other posters. If you disagree with something, attack the post, not the individual making it.

And, you know, I think that's just about everything. Once again, welcome to the very best Minnesota Vikings fan site on the internet, brought to you by SB Nation, the internet's fastest-growing sports network.


-Christopher Gates
Head Blogger/Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah, The Daily Norseman